Operating system

QuickCode for ONS is designed to run on Windows 7. There's no specific reason it shouldn't run on later versions of Windows, or even other operating systems, but it was created for that version of Windows.


The easiest way of getting Python on Windows is to install Anaconda.

Download the Python 2.7 installer for your OS: if not sure, try the 32-bit version.

The default options should work well.

Language modules

From the Windows command line type:

pip install databaker

This will install databaker and all its prerequisites that aren't installed with Anaconda.


If you have databaker installed already and want to upgrade to the latest version, then from the Windows command line type:

pip install --upgrade databaker

Development version

This is done from a virtual environment into which you checkout all the current dependencies.

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2.7 databakervenv
cd databakervenv
source bin/activate
pip install setuptools --upgrade
pip install -e git+git://github.com/scraperwiki/databaker.git@master#egg=databaker
bake  --> [should give you a brief help prompt showing it works]